California Says No to Legal Marijuana


In California voters have rejected a proposal to legalize marijuana in their state.  56 % of the voters were against Proposition 19 and 44 % were in favor.

The proposal planned to give adults the right to have an ounce (about 28 grams) of marihuana for personal use. They would also have been able to grow up to 2.25 square meters of the plant. California’s government would have been able to collect taxes on growing and selling marijuana. In 1996 California became the first state to allow growing marijuana for making medicine

Supporters of the proposal said that they would not give up the fight. The fact that over 40% of Californians were in favor of legalizing marijuana gives them hope and energy to continue fighting in the next election. They don’t understand why marijuana should be treated differently than alcohol and cigarettes. Apart from that police would have been able to focus on other, more serious crimes.

Those against the proposal say that allowing legal cannabis would cause chaos. Some people would even go to work while high. They argue that it would cause more addiction and more crime but not solve California’s budget problem


A recent report says that California marijuana would possibly be worth 14 million dollars and let the state collect a lot of money.


A young cannabis plant

A young cannabis plant

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  • addiction =the need to take a dangerous drug regularly
  • adult = a grown up person
  • apart from that = besides , in addition, also
  • cannabis = same as “marijuana”
  • cause = lead to
  • election = when people vote for someone
  • focus on = concentrate on
  • government = the people who rule a state
  • in favor = to be for something
  • legalize = to make legal, allow
  • personal use = here: for yourself to smoke
  • proposal = suggestion, plan
  • proposition = proposal, plan
  • recent = new, not old
  • reject = to say no
  • serious = bad
  • solve = to find a way of dealing with a problem
  • supporter = someone who is a follower of a group
  • treat = deal with something in a certain way
  • worth = the value of something